8 Reasons to Live Near the Short North

ca-d-outoftownColumbus is a growing city with a lot to offer. There are many great jobs, a reasonable cost of living, and a vibrant culture—along with things you already expect, like Ohio State Football. One of the biggest draws is the Short North neighborhood just north of downtown. This area is one of the biggest attractions in Columbus, offering the latest and greatest in food, drinks, and shopping.

If you have any interest in things like cutting edge dining and culinary experiences, craft beers and locally owned shops featuring items both vintage and new, the Short North is the place to be. The tightly packed, brick facade-lined Short North has all manner of attractions, for tourists and locals alike. From art gallery and vintage clothing stores to culinary mainstays like Haiku sushi, a full day in the Short North can fulfill all your shopping and dining needs.

Here are eight reasons why you should live near the Short North:

1. The Short North has some of the best restaurants in Columbus

One of the great things about the Short North is the mix of trendy dining contrasted against street-level food, exploring the new frontiers of cuisine. You can indulge in classic seafood offerings like oysters from The Pearl before getting into a delicious slice of cheese pizza from Mikey’s Late Night Slice.

2. Cocktails, Craft Beers, and Mixology

The Short North’s focus on innovative dining extends beyond the plate to an eye on the past and the future of drinking. Almost every restaurant and bar offers craft beers and innovative cocktails to appeal to any palate—all while staying true to the roots of great cocktails with handmade preparations and local, fresh ingredients.

3. Eclectic shops and small businesses in walking distance

While Columbus has multiple shopping meccas in the form of Easton or Polaris malls, the Short North offers many options for those looking off the beaten path. Whether it’s homegrown staples like Homage or the sneaker-head focused Sole Classics, the Short North offers plenty of options to get your shopping on.

4. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

The dining focus here isn’t just on lunch and dinner. If you’re getting an early start in the Short North you can hit up more isolated locales like Tasi on Pearl Alley or the newer Fox in the Snow cafe off 4th. These creative breakfast spots offer the latest in sit down meals or delicious take-away.

5. Get your game on in the Short North

The trend of bars offering more than just good vibes and libations is taking off in the Short North. Whether you want to engage in some old fashioned board gaming at Kingmakers with your friends or relive your youth with classic arcade games at Brewcadia, the Short North offers many options for those looking to have some extra fun while out on the town.

6. It’s not just about food and drink, you can get fit too

While you may be inclined to think that a food focused area like this has little to offer in the way of health and fitness, you haven’t seen what the Short North has to offer yet. This is truly one of the city’s central locales for focusing on your body and soul. You can get into yoga or go with a dedicated personal trainer – the Short North offers it all. There are at least eight different gyms, yoga studios, or outdoor fitness destinations in the neighborhood.

7. Cultural center is an understatement

Being in the middle of the city, the Short North is a place of cultural focus. From the must-experience mainstay of Gallery Hop to annual entertainments like the Arnold Classic, the Short North has something going on almost every weekend. This diversity brings people of many backgrounds to the neighborhood which helps it flourish even more as a hive of buzz and activity.

8. Live, work, and play in the same place

With the Short North’s proximity to downtown and the growth of mixed use buildings offering apartments and commercial properties, it is possible to live and work in the area without having to go very far. Whether you want to take the bus or ride your bike, you can avoid the hassles of commuting if you work downtown by living in the Short North.

At The Foundry, we know it’s important to live in a great apartment with a lot to offer outside of your home. If the Short North sounds like the place you want to live, contact us today to find out what we can offer.