How a New Grocery Store Improves Life in the Short North

Oats and BarleyThe Short North has been one of Columbus’ most popular neighborhoods for years. Featuring an abundance of restaurants, bars, clubs and shops, the Short North attracts many tourists, Columbus residents and people who want to live on top of the action.

Its close proximity to downtown combined with its own amenities makes it a perfect uptown destination for young professionals looking to be close to both work and play. However, the neighborhood has always been geared towards that demographic—attracting people who frequently dine out and work longer hours, spending less time at home.

Nowadays, the neighborhood is changing with a greater focus on making it a self-contained place to live. To that end, the new grocery store Oats & Barley on High Street is hoping to provide residents with the staple groceries they need, offering Ohio-focused, healthy and organic products available seven days a week.

The Transformation of the Short North

For years, many people saw the Short North as a nighttime destination. Whether a pub crawl or a feast from a local eatery, the neighborhood attracted people from many other areas of Columbus. However, one glance at condo, apartment, and housing prices today will tell you that there are many living in the neighborhood while having to make do without certain basic needs, or having to drive to other areas to get them.

The Short North has needed more amenities for people who are there around the clock. Oats & Barley is striving to fill that need by creating a place that provides beer and wine, organic food, and staple groceries like milk and cereal. This is beneficial for a growing number of people who spend their days in the neighborhood and don’t want to eat out at a restaurant all the time.

There is also the modern world to consider, with professionals able to flex their schedules and spend more time at home or out at the coffee shop, away from the office. This changing environment creates a need for a new Short North, one that balances the food and drinks with gyms, stores, coffee shops, and grocery stores.

The Future of the Short North

While this wonderful neighborhood will never stop being a prime nighttime destination or a place for many of Columbus’ attractions, it will continue to balance those spaces out with other amenities that are important to people living in a neighborhood. The owners and manager of Oats & Barley believe that they will attract people who believe in their locally sourced groceries and focus on the neighborhood instead of big box stores.

The Short North is a haven for innovative small businesses and this store is yet another example of that. The growth in the Short North and Italian Village areas spells an increase of people who are more than willing to make the neighborhood their permanent home.

If you’re interested in living in one of the most attractive, fun and popular neighborhoods in Columbus, where you can check out brand new breweries and organic, small-business grocery stores like Oats & Barle— don’t hesitate to call us at Jeffrey Park and find out more about your dream home.